Sunday, August 14, 2011

My Busy Non-running Week

Running this past week has been super lacking, for one (actually two) good reasons.

Some of you might know that I like to make cakes, seen here. I haven't made one in awhile since Finn's birthday in May, but I had TWO to make for this weekend! And they were both for people named Megan and Meghan! Well, Megan's (no 'h') was actually for her husband-to-be for his groom's cake at their rehearsal dinner on Friday. Meghan (with an 'h') was surprised with a baby shower this afternoon.
Four-foot-long snowboard replica groom's cake!
Baby shower cake
Other than getting three miles in on Tuesday at 5:30, I've happily spent my free early morning (and late night) hours working on these! And we left the double stroller on Long Island so I couldn't go out in the middle of the day with the boys. I can't wait to get out there first thing tomorrow morning!

Hey, and guess what? I won another headband, this time from Lauren @ The Running Cook!

Those four-leaf clovers I found earlier this summer are still working!


  1. I LOVE your cakes! I'm happy when mine are edible but yours are works of art!

  2. love the headband. :)

    and I just checked, the code is working now

    its "endurance"


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