Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It was a tad chilly this morning.

56 degrees at 5:30 AM. But look what I got in the mail yesterday -

I immediately put them on. And wore them all day. And all night. And for my run this morning. And I still have them on. And I want another pair. One in each color please! I plan on doing a full review once I get a couple more runs in them to fully grasp their awesomeness and what they do for my legs, but so far I am in love...basically with socks without feet. How can they not be great when this is the product warning?

As a preview to what they do for me (and running in general), this is what I looked like five minutes before my run this morning -
Seriously? I look crazy.
But cute!
And this is what I looked like after -

Still have those chins, but I think my after is much better.


  1. So...having not run in compression gear before...I have to ask, is it okay to just like it because it is dead sexy?

  2. Fantastic! Both the temp and the calf sleeves!


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