Monday, August 15, 2011

Chips Are Down Virtual Race Recap

Amanda @ Run To The Finish turned 30 this weekend and hosted a virtual race to celebrate. Happy birthday, Amanda!

What is a virtual race? It basically works like this - you commit to running a certain distance on a certain day. For instance, this race was for three miles to be completed sometime between August 10 - 15. Since the race had a poker theme, Amanda had us place bets on one, how many miles she will have run in 2011 to date; and two, what her goal time is for the upcoming Philadelphia Marathon. The person who completes the race and comes closest on the bets is the "winner" of a swag bag full of super cool stuff! She even supplied the racers with printable bibs.

My three miles were a one-and-a-half out-and-back along my newly-paved street. I was very excited for the newly-paved part! Weather was overcast with a chance of rain, temps in the upper 60s. Ideal!
The race course
Amanda also had us post estimated finish times when we placed our bets and I decided I could run it in 25 minutes. Well, I don't know if it was the weather, the smooth roads, or the fact my legs were fresh after not running for nearly a week, but I beat my time to finish in 24:32 with a pace of 8:10!!!!!

Not bad for running against yourself! Thanks Amanda for such a fun event!

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  1. woot! love it when just a little nudge helps you push even harder, way to go!!


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