Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Track Tuesday

Inspired by Jen's (Running with the Girls) track workout last week, I decided to head up to the high school this morning to do three miles. It felt really good to run on the track - so cushy compared to the road. It also brought back really great memories of my high school track and field glory days when I ran on this exact same surface, though it's been resurfaced since then and is in much better condition.
Circa 1993/94 - Recieving the final handoff in 4x100 relay (I want those legs back)
I started out slow, jogging the first lap at a 9-minute pace, then ran the next at a 7-minute pace, and continued to alternate on each consecutive lap with a final time of 26:05 and overall 8:42 pace (some of the jog laps were nearer a 10-minute mile). I did clock one run lap at a 6:35 pace, though! It makes me wonder how I ever ran a 400 faster than that...oh yeah, that was literally half my lifetime ago! I'm looking forward to incorporating more track workouts into training to work on speed and mix it up. Just as I was leaving, my high school track coach pulled up. That kind-of made my first visit back to the track complete. Coach Cossette was a major reason I was as successful as I was.

Not long after getting back home, Stacy pulled in with a delivery of fresh Swiss chard from her garden. She had just finished her morning run. Stacy arranges for a babysitter in the morning so she can run - that is super dedication. Thanks for the chard, Stacy! I can't wait to eat it!

Oh, and I got my embRACE bands that I won in the mail. Yay!


  1. Way to go getting in a track workout this morning!

  2. Loved reading this post! Brought many memories back of how much I enjoyed watching you run when you were in school.


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