Thursday, July 28, 2011

Post-Island Getaway and 5K #5 Recap

We're back from three and a half days on Long Island in Casco Bay. We had a lot of fun in the sun, relaxed, and hung out with relatives. I love seeing the boys interact with all their cousins and enjoy that place just as Ian did when he was little. A few pictures from our trip -
Long Island Sunset
Ian and Zeke - Fowler's Beach
Finn and I - Fowler's Beach
Is this picture of Finn seriously the cutest thing you've ever seen?!? Freakin' adorable! And he reached some major milestones while we were away. He pretty much mastered walking and even walked through the sand. He also started clapping. So proud of my little man...and he turns 14 months old tomorrow.

I didn't get the porch remodel finished, but at least got the paneling primed. The pillows I made look awesome and I'll post a pic when the whole project is complete. I think we are headed back for the day on Monday to finish up and Ian needs to mow the lawn.

I did get a run in this morning. Just shy of four miles and some of the nicest four miles you could ever run. And it's great that the only traffic you get is the random golf cart or car with no muffler that you can hear from half a mile off (state inspections are not required...license plates either!).

Speaking of running, I suppose I'll get to the race recap portion of this post. I ran the Old Port 5K in Portland last Sunday morning before heading out to the island. I was looking forward to the race, although the forecast was still calling for hot and humid. And despite my pasty white torso and less than six-pack abs (I'm working on it!), I decided to forgo the running shirt or tank top and just wear the bright teal sports bra I just bought. Paired with my plum running skirt, I thought my outfit was pretty cute.

Ian and the boys dropped me off at the start where the half marathoners were also starting. I headed down the hill to find my friend Meghann who was also running the 5K and get in the line for the port-o-potty. Meghann showed up wearing the same skirt (we totally planned it) and we waited for the start. The field wasn't too large and we ended up lining up only two or three people back from the line. The race director went over the announcements mentioning the steep hill/stairs we would be traversing and then sounded the cow bell and we were off.

I felt good going up the hill at the start knowing there really weren't any more hills the rest of the way. We made a sharp turn onto the Eastern Prom and followed that for the first mile with a bit of a gradual uphill. Then came another right where the hill/stairs were. Granite steps were to the right with a dirt path on the left. Slower runners were to keep to the steps while the faster runners should keep to the trail. I was still pretty close to the front so there wasn't much of a bottleneck here. Man, was it steep!!! You had to be really careful and take small steps, it was pretty loose gravel in parts and it was narrow and curvy. The last 20 feet were so steep, I actually blurted out "holy sh*t." Never in high school cross-country had I ever run on anything like that. My first mile split was 7:56, just off the pace I needed to be for a PR.

Now we were running on the pedestrian/bike path all the way to the finish. There were a couple of short hills, but for the most part it was flat. But it was so friggin' hot. It also doesn't help that it goes right by the sewage treatment plant...literally on the other side of the fence, I could have thrown a rock and got it into the churning vat of poo water. 80-degree weather and a huge vat of sewage does not mix when you are running a race. Mile two split - 7:56. Ugh. Now I was 12 seconds behind a PR.

The course was really out in the open now, absolutely no shade and my face was so hot. There was a girl who I was running behind and was keeping the pace, but I could not get past her. I don't know what it was, if I had given up in my mind that I couldn't make up the time to PR or if I didn't think I could make it to the finish if I sped up or the heat or what, but I finished with a time of 24:40...24 seconds slower than my best time.

And you know what else? I would have won my age group if I had matched my PR! I hate that as soon as I'm done a race I think that I could have done better. If only this, if only that. I tell myself I'm not going to hold back and even though during the race I think I'm giving all I've got, I feel afterward that I had more to give. Next time, right? All things considered, I ran a pretty good race despite the heat, the hill, and the poopy smell. Out of 223 runners I placed 42nd overall, 11th out of 138 females, and 2nd out of 25 in the 30-34 age group. Really not too shabby, but it seemed like the field as a whole wasn't very competitive or the heat was really affecting everyone.

Oh, and really no pictures for this one either. The camera was packed away for the island trip. I can't bring myself to spend $20+ on a professional photo. On one hand, I would like to have one, but... Maybe if I had won I would. Search bib #542 here for one of my photos if any of you would like one! Hee hee... Do any of you buy the photos of your races?

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  1. Nice job on the race and congrats on 2nd in your age group!

    I will totally ask for your help if this 5k planning goes through. :)


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